Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mogador Macarons

It's 4 days into 2011! How's your 2011 been so far? The days passed by so quickly I didn't even realise we're so far into the year already. I'm still quite hung up over 2010...haha.

CNY's gonna arrive in about a month's time and my mum just told me we could start our CNY baking next week! Man...at the rate at which these holidays are coming at us, we hardly have time to breathe properly!

Anyway, I'm still looking forward to CNY,. It means more days off, more eating and more baking for me...yay!

Before I go into that, there's still my last batch of macarons for 2010. Since I already had all the ground almonds and icing sugar finely ground and pre-sieved for easy baking (yes I do that alot!), and my last batch was sitting on the counter waiting to be used, I decided to whip up a batch of Mogador Macarons, which are basically passionfruit milk chocolate macarons. I went with the French meringue recipe this time round and made slight adjustments to the milk chocolate ganache recipe used here by increasing the passionfruit pulp to 50g for a more intense passionfruit fragrance. The results were positive! Family loved them and commented that the sweetness level was just right :).

Of my 3 almost successful attempts at French meringue, this one falls into the middle spectrum with mixed success. My shells were much nicer than my last attempt at the same flavour, but still not as pretty as my Matcha Red Bean Macarons (which haven't made its appearance on this blog yet). Somehow, French meringue still eludes me...I'm pretty determined to make it work for me in time to come. Hopefully it will!

Oooh I also got myself a new lens, like finally! Been talking about getting it for close to a year and when I bought it, I couldn't resist clicking a few more shots just to test the difference in image quality.

I love that this new lens allows more light into my shots and blurs out the background more for the focus to be on the subject. So cool! *squeals*

I have a question though...I wonder if adding butter into the ganache causes one to have oily shells after filling? If you know the answer, please leave a comment and let me know!

Well, on the up side, it makes the shells shinier, glossier for more attractive photography...haha!


  1. i love the color of your macarons!! looks really yummy!

  2. OMG! it looks really pretty and yummy! i wish my upcoming attempts will look as good as yours (:

  3. @Jess: Haha they are pretty bright aren't they? :)

    @Sweetylicious: Thanks! I'm sure they will! Post them up soon :)

  4. Happy 2011. These macaroons are lovely. I'm not too sure if I have the correct answer for you. This is just purely my opinion...I would think the butter make the ganache thicker. I think if you would apply the ganache when it cool and harden, it wouldn't create too much oil for absorption.

  5. Stunning photography.. love those colours.. great blog.. will definitely be following :)

    Happy 2011

    La Roquette

  6. Your macarons are just gorgeous, Allie!

    Enjoy the new camera! :)

  7. @Zoe: Hmmm...that's possible. I refrigerated my ganache before filling the macs though, any idea how I can avoid the oily result?

    @La Roquette: Thank you! Happy 2011 to you too :)

    @thecoffeesnob: Thanks sweetie :). I will! Haha :)

  8. I love passionfruit and milk chocolate, been wanting to make this for the longest time ever.. Hrmm hopefully soon with the leftover egg whites from the kek lapis..


  9. Your passionfruit macaron lovely !
    Just wanna know any difference in texture in passionfruit ganache the 1st time and the 2 nd time. I notice you mention increase of 50g passionfruit juice in the 2nd time, presumable the est of the ingredients the same. Wouldn't the ganache in 2nd time more runny ?

  10. Simonne : Thank you! Yes the ganache was softer even after hardening but the difference in the texture wasn't great. Hence it still turned out alright :).



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