Saturday, October 9, 2010

Toasted Coconut and Raspberry Charlotte

Have you ever had a recipe bookmarked for months, or even years, yet you never get around to making it? I have. In fact, I have tons of such recipes. Perhaps I'm easily distracted, fickle-minded, or just plainly indecisive...but I've changed my mind time and time again even after deciding to bake that particular recipe over that particular weekend. Hmmm...I'm sounding like a tough cookie to crack huh?

This is one recipe that I've bookmarked for really long. I've always loved pretty looking charlottes. They are always the first to catch my eye whenever I pass by a bakery. There's something special about the round ladyfinger wall that really cheers me up and brightens up my day.

When i made these Toasted Coconut and Raspberry Charlottes using Tartlette's recipe, I thought they turned out really really cute! My rendition's far from perfect and I'm not a big fan of the slightly milky-tasting raspberry mousse, but I loved these all the same simply because they are charlottes (yes, I know I'm weird)!

Perhaps next time, I'll make the raspberry mousse without the custard base, make individual lady's fingers instead of piping them together like what I did here and experiment with a mixture of berries for the mousse filling. One thing I really liked about these are the homemade lady's fingers - they are super duper delicious! Topped with toasted coconut, these are highly addictive and were immediately swiped clean by my family.

Hmmm...I might just bake another batch of these for the snack cravings that I have during weekday afternoons....then again, perhaps not, it's just too dangerous to have a box of these lying around my office desk....haha :P.


  1. Looks pretty! Same with you, I have tons of recipes which I kept for very long, and haven't had time to try them, and my to-do list is very long.

  2. Min: Haha, same! My to-do list is neverending! I've been meaning to try baking breads like those I see on your blog, but never managed to find the courage! >.<

  3. LOL! Wanna look at my to-do list, too? LOL! Let's see if we tie/who wins ... LOL!

    And yes! Charlotte is one of my to-do's ... LOL! Still haven't gotten around to construct these sweeties ... And, it's highly dangerous to have them lying around us ... HAHA!

  4. Pei Lin: LOL sounds like you've got a pretty long list too! This runs in the community huh :P. Charlottes are just so deceiving! So pretty yet quick to put together :)

  5. I have done that...bookmarked a recipe and not made it. I have a marble-matcha loaf in my bookmarks, and it looks delicious but never got around to it...
    The charlotte looks delicious!!!

  6. very pretty creation! Like the way you presented the charlottes. The fruits look very delicious.

  7. my list spans years haha. ure not alone in that. ooo why never take the innards i wanna see the mousse! hehe. ;)

  8. Indie Tea: Haha same! I have a matcha marble loaf hidden somewhere in my looong list of bookmarks sounds very delicious! :P

    Zoe: Thanks for your sweet comments!

    Chelle: Lollllll ok I feel better now. I didn't take innards and I gave to my mum to bring them to work! I'll make these again with less creamy raspberry mousse next time and be sure to take the innards :).

  9. Those look fantastic and so delicious! Gorgeous photos :)


  10. Dimah: Thank you! I popped by your blog for abit just now. You have a beautiful blog there! :)



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