Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Not-So-Secret Chocolate Stash

Hoho guess what? went a little crazy and had a mini chocolate shopping spree last week.

And came back with not one, not two, but FIVE chocolate bars. Boy, am I a happy girl :).

I've always lamented the lack of chocolate varieties on the shelves here. Before I started baking, the only varieties I knew were either Cadbury, Van Houten, Hersheys (supermart selection) or Godiva and Sins (premium varieties). Taking up baking really opened my eyes to a myriad of chocolate varieties and brands that are good, yet still very affordable.

I discovered Ghirardhelli, one of my favourite supermart chocolate brands now, by accident when one of my swap pals sent me a HUGE bag of Ghirardhelli mint dark chocolate. I'm a huge fan of the mint and dark chocolate combination and one bite into it, I was sold. I snacked non-stop on the stash I received till one day when I'm left with none. Then I started hunting for Ghirardhelli on our local shelves. Years ago, it might have been an impossible task but now, it's almost everywhere. I happily grabbed a couple of bars at the supermart the other day when I saw them on offer, how timely! :)

The first bar I grabbed was this - the Raspberry Dark Chocolate - my current favourite flavour! I tried a very expensive version bought from Candylicious, before discovering this at a nearby supermart...haha...silly me, spent so much money on a heavily overpriced bag of chocolates then.

I also grabbed two bars of dark chocolate - the 60% Evening Dream and the 72% Twilight Delight - at half the price of what I initially saw. Phew, what a relief to know that I can eventually find these here.

Besides Ghirardhelli, I also bought a bar of Lindt Orange Intense and Movenpick Espresso Krokant. I've not tried these before so I thought I'd give them a chance! No prizes for guessing what I'm intending to use them for...haha. I'm actually pretty predictable, if you know me.

So excited! Can't wait to use my new chocolate stash. Shhhh just don't tell my mum in case she screams :P.


  1. Oh boy, you do love your chocolates! I love chocolates too but am very selective and I don't need a lot to be happy. The bar you have there could probably last me for a month.... I am happy to break off a small brick a day :)

  2. Shirley: Wow, you're very different from me! I wish I could say the same for me...don't need a lot of chocolate to be happy. I'm almost always munching away on some form of chocolate...haha.

  3. Hey, I tried that Ghiradelli dark choc with raspberry filling when I was in the States! Darn good!

  4. Pei Lin: Yeah it's really good! I agree! I finished up the bar in 2 rounds....yummy!

  5. The raspberry bar looks divine! YUMM

  6. crustabakes: It is! Do try it out if you manage to get your hands on one :).

  7. Hihi just want to confirm these bars can't be used for baking right? Sorry for my ignorance as I'm not good with chocolates :P



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