Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Favours - A Sweet Way for Giving Thanks

Feeling really really tired at this point in time but felt I had to pen this down somehow. I had the awesomest Christmas party ever just an hour ago - one with awesome people within whom were awesome hearts. These were people in whom God is very real in their lives, and they were the very same people who are very real in my life. I really appreciate them for who they are, how they inspire me to be who I can be and the vision they've put in my life.

The Christmas Macarons I shared in my last post, they were wiped out within seconds, literally. I was really awed by their response, even overwhelmed to a certain extent. It was definitely worth the time and effort put into making three different batches of macarons (yes I made three - mint dark chocolate, orange hazelnut dark chocolate and hazelnut praline to be exact) - just to see how much they enjoyed them.

Besides the macs, I also put together these chocolate almond rounds, baked using the same recipe I used the last time round. These were hardy enough to withstand the movement and shaking without breaking, yet are delicious enough for a midday snack, hence the choice. I found these lovely plastic tube boxes at Phoon Huat, jazzed them up a little with doilies, ribbons and stickers...and there you have it - Christmas Favours!

My favourite part of Christmas giving is always in the wrapping of presents. I didn't have time to shop around for presents and thought this will make fast and personal handmade gifts. I'm glad they turned out pretty well and conveyed my thanks across to the ones who matter to me. It definitely does not mean that those who don't receive it don't matter. Each and every one of you who've come into my life, you matter to me. With my limited time and resources, this was the best I could do to convey my thanks in action.

Using the same boxes, I filled them with some of my favourite candy for some of my favourite people as well! Don't this look cute too?

Now I wish I'd kept some candy for myself!

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. it looks really nicely packed! so sweet of you (: and i spotted my favourite candy too! STICKY!! (: (: (:

  2. sticky candy!! they're always so pretty n colourful :)

  3. Merry Christmas, Allie! I love the way you packed those cookies, look so sweet :)

  4. hey Allie,

    I want a pack of these cookies and candies, how I wish I am one of the recipients, lol. They are so lucky!

    I can finish a bottle of the these candies in a day. Once I start munching on one, I will gobble up everything. the candies are really good!

    merry xmas and have lots of fun baking and feasting =]

  5. Pretty!!! If someone gives me that, I will melt!! :)

  6. @Sweetylicious: Yes, it's Sticky! I didn't realise so many people like this candy too...I only discovered it recently!

    @Swee San: Yes they bright and cheery!

    @DG: Thanks!

    @Min: Merry Christmas to you too sweetie!

    @Bakertan: Haha, virtual one can? Next time we can all consider a Blogger swap during the festive season. It'll be so fun! Yea, I agree about the candy! I can't help but keep munching too...they're too addictive!

    @Hanushi: Thanks!'re so cute!

  7. Hi Allie, may I know where do you buy the stickers? And where do you buy pastry flour? Can't seem to find it in supermarkets here. Thanks!



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