Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rose Cranberry Cookies

It's Chinese New Year Eve! I'm getting excited about the New Year and I hope you are too. Somehow I haven't quite gotten into the mood yet but I'm sure it'll get to me eventually!

Haven't had time to properly sit down and post up all my CNY cookies. Besides the Almond Cookies, Almond Crisps and Lemon Lavender Sables, I also made my all-time favourite cookie - Rose Cranberry Cookies and a batch of Chocolate Almond Rounds, which were equally delicious! If you've never tried making these Rose Cranberry Cookies, then you should, cos every girl will love it! It's that addictive :).

Instead of shaping the dough into a flat disk, I chilled them in logs and sliced them into rounds before baking. I prefer this way of making as it's neater and has less leftover dough than the former method. The pretty pink flecks in this cookie are just sooo cute!

This last shot was a wedding-inspired shot...reminds me of the long train of a wedding dress!

Thank God that I didn't have to go through the lengthy process of peeling the rose mum did it for me! Hence I just had to do the easy part and put the dough together and bake them. I absolutely love these cookies, for their looks as well as their taste. I surely hope my relatives will enjoy them as much as I do!


  1. How I wish I could have had some ... Good recipes are always worth turning back to, right? ;)

    Happy CNY to you!

  2. Pretty lovely cookies! Fits our theme for Feb if you make it into hearts. :)

    Happy Rabbit Year to you! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  3. Pretty neat sables cookies!
    Gong Xi Fat Cai! and Happy CNY to you!

  4. What an interesting flavor combination. They look very nice. I have a sweet treat linky party going on at my blog called "Sweets for a Saturday" and I'd like to invite you to stop by and link your cookies up.

  5. Happy New Year. The cookies are lovely. Perfect with a cup of tea!

  6. @Pei Lin: Happy CNY to you too! If you're nearer me, I would pass you some haha :).

    @Small Small Baker: Oh yea you're right! Hmmm I'm wondering what to make for this month's theme...

    @Ezee: Happy CNY to you too!

    @DG: Thanks! Happy CNY to you too!

    @Lisa: Sure! Will drop by soon :)

    @El: Happy New Year to you too! Yea I can totally imagine having tea with these...lovely!

  7. I wonder how rose petals taste in cookies.. Still have a jar of dried rose to use up.

  8. @Ah Tze: Thanks sweetie!

    @Wendy: Hmmmm, I like the faint rose fragrance they lend to the cookies! Subtle, but nice! :)



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