Sunday, May 22, 2011

Orange Chocolate Macarons

Phew, what a first week of work it's been for me. I'm glad I survived when I could have potentially drowned in that mountain of work and new things to learn. Though I've been busy, I'm really excited and happy with the things I'm doing at my new place. I get to dabble with my favourite sports and the major sporting events that are being shown on television, something I've been wanting to do for a long, long time. It's getting reaaally close to my dream job and I'm all excited about it!

On the other side of the spectrum, things have been soooo hectic it really takes some getting used to at this point. I pray that it shall get easier as the days go by :).

I made these Orange Chocolate Macarons just before I started work this week. A friend of mine wanted to come over to my place for a baking session and I happily obliged. I always felt that I had to prepare in advance for such baking sessions hence I don't always say yes when such requests come in, just so that I won't feel too stressed out by the amount of preparation work I had to do beforehand. But recently, the requests are coming in at a much higher frequency that I decided to make an extra effort to accept more of them instead. Receiving these requests are definitely compliments to my baking and also encourages me to step out of my comfort zone to do something different for a change.

These Orange Chocolate Macarons were a such a breeze to make, yet yielding delicious macs all the same! I used my trusty Italian Meringue recipe and sandwiched the shells with a orange chocolate ganache made from Lindt's orange chocolate bar. I love this particular chocolate bar because of its lovely orange fragrance and the little chewy bits that are incorporated into the chocolate...very delicious! So far, the reviews I received were all positive, hence this is definitely a recipe for keeps - to reproduce again in the days to come :).

Okay, it's time to get a little more rest before work starts again tomorrow. Happy Weekend to you all!


  1. beautiful macs Allie! All the best in your job =) have a lovely weekend!

  2. 很漂亮,那个是鸡蛋托哦,也能成为很美的道具!我很喜欢这张照片。

  3. Your macarons look very pretty with orange and chocolate. I've not made a single macaron yet, think is time to make some :)
    Happy weekend !

  4. your macarons are so perfect! Ive not tried the italian meringue method. I've tried french meringue method but only succeeded once... I succeeded that one time cos i used aged egg whites, and I turned to just 120 degree celsius in the beginning.

    You have any idea why? I see many people making it with success without using aged egg whites. :)

  5. Lovely macarons! Wish I can do the same. Any tips to share for such success? Tks!

  6. @Jess: Thanks sweetie!

    @ 茄子: 谢谢!我也很喜欢这张照片!

    @Anncoo: Thank you! Do try your hand at it! I'm sure with your experience you will make even nicer ones!

    @Aimei: Thanks for your sweet compliment! Hmmm I feel French Meringue method is more sensitive to humidity for some reason. I have no problem with fresh egg whites using the Italian Meringue method, but would prefer to age them for French since humidity seems to be a factor...

    @Honey Bee Sweets: Thanks! Hmmm I would say know your oven and some trial and error will help! It gets better with some practice! Let me know if you are looking for good recipes or are experiencing some issues...perhaps I can lend some help from there. My email's :)

  7. These look absolutely perfect! And congrats on clinching and loving the new job! :)

  8. These macarons are so perfect. You are indeed the macaron queen.



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