Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chocolate Banana Cake - バナナチョコレトケーキ

Been so caught up with work these days that I barely had time to bake. Other than the Lychee Almond Chiffon Cake and the Chocolate Chip Cookies I made last week that I didn't manage to post on, I didn't really make anything else. I'm on a break today, studying for my Japanese mid-term exam. The sensei sounded like this is really important, hence I thought I'll just take a day off and sit down to do some serious revision.

Well, I don't think I'm concentrating very well, since I get distracted every few minutes or so. And plus I'm really sleepy today! The hot weather didn't help much. Decided to bake something for a mid-day snack, and nothing sounds better than my favourite combination of banana and chocolate! After I saw this recipe on Piggy's Cooking Journal, I knew I had to try it. I made this in a 8' by 8' square pan and it came out much thinner than rectangular pan she used. The baking time was also shorter. It took about 27 minutes for the cake to be done.

Square or rectangular, thick or thin, this cake was absolutely delicious! I eliminated the rum as I didn't have any on hand, but I loved the caramel taste in this cake brought about through the use of brown sugar. The moist cake, paired with the soft, caramelised banana, made the perfect afternoon treat for me. It definitely made my day and motivated me to keep studying :).


  1. This looks delicious! I love how the banana slices sinks into the batter as it bakes.

  2. oh..looks delicious.. : )

    May I know where you took your jap class? I am sourcing for one too.


  3. thecoffeesnob,

    Thanks! I was initially worried that they'll sink too deep. Just glad they didn't all melt away!


    I'm taking classes at Bunka Lang at Delfi. They're pretty good for Elementary to Intermediate levels. Pretty affordable too!

  4. Hi Allie

    Thanks for the info. I presume you are Advanced?? : )

    How long you took to proceed to current stage?

    And when u r going to Hokkaido?

    : ))

  5. These are so cute! I love how you've added a banana slice on each square :)

  6. Irene,

    I'm probably made it sound like I was at the advanced level, but I'm only at the Intermediate :). I took quite awhile as I had a long break in between my Elementary 1 and 2 levels. But if you take lessons continuously, it should take you around 4 months to finish Elementary and another 8 months to clear Intermediate.

    I'm planning ahead as I'm targetting to go later this year, probably third or fourth quarter. Any recommendations for the best time to visit Hokkaido?


    Thank you!

  7. Hi Allie
    Regarding Hokkaido...it is a year round destination depending on what you want to see. I have been there for 4 winters and trust me, you will like it. Drop me an email...irenehy88@gmail.com

    Would love to hear from u....dear.

    : ))



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