Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lemon Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake

The past two weeks has been full of ups and downs for me. Many things going through my mind - interests, distractions, possibilities, issues etc. caused me to struggle for clarity of mind. Yesterday, all these came to a standstill. The word was clear, the focus came back - it was so simple. Thank God for placing so many dear people in my life who in one way or another, played a crucial role in bringing clarity back.

Earlier this week was my dad's birthday. Since my family loves mousse cakes, I decided to go with a simple Lemon Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake seen here. I love this blog, her taste is always so refined and classy and the photos are gorgeous.

This cake was pretty easy to put together despite the multiple components. I left out the creme chantilly at the end as I had some problems with it. Mum volunteered to help decorate the cake and I came back to see that she sprinkled rose petals over the top and finished it with a layer of jelly glaze...haha. Though I think they look more like dried cranberries here, I was pleasantly surprised yet amused at her improvisation. Seems like my leftover rose petals from the cookies and macarons came in very useful!

Taste-wise, this was lovely. I like the lemon-chocolate combination that adds a tinge of sourness to the rich dark chocolate flavour. The lemon cream was especially yummy, though I feel it would taste best with French butter instead of the one I used. This is one recipe for keeps. I think I may make it again and try to do it better next time :).


  1. What an elegant cake! Your dad must've surely loved it :)

  2. Thank you! He did, fortunately for me and I'm glad :).



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