Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oatmeal Cookies - Healthy, Wholesome Goodness

This week is a very exciting and eventful week for me. Not only is my week filled with many fun activities, it also includes a trip to watch the Youth Olympic Games yesterday! To me, this event is really special as it is like a mini version of my dream happening right in my own backyard. I've been longing to, yet putting it off for the longest time, to travel overseas to watch the Summer Olympics. It hasn't quite happened yet (it will eventually), but I'm really thankful and glad that we have our own mini version right here in Singapore. To many, it probably doesn't mean alot to them but it shows how far we've come since independence, how strong we've grown and how developed we've become despite our small size. It's easy to just brush it off as just another sporting event when you're not a sports fan, but really, if you think about it, it's much more than just sport.

The Olympics embodies a unique spirit - one of excellence, perseverance, strength, unity and camaraderie. As the papers aptly put it, winning is not everything, it's about putting your best foot forward wherever you're from. Sometimes I feel this applies to many situations, not just in sport. As long as we've put in our utmost best despite what our circumstances say, I think we can say without a doubt, that we've achieved.

Pardon the contemplative me today...perhaps I'm just feeling much more excited about life than usual...haha! Had a cookie craving earlier this week and hence I made a batch of Oatmeal Cookies. This all started with a not-so-recent trip to Phoon Huat when I spotted a packet of oatmeal going for a real good price. So without hesitating, I grabbed a pack and resolved to make oatmeal cookies one day. With soooo many good oatmeal cookie recipes out there, I was totally spoilt for choice. I've been meaning to try the oatmeal cookie recipes by Sherry Yard and Dorie Greenspan, but after some perusing, I settled on the one by Happy Homebaker, which she highly recommended on her blog. Since the ingredients can all be found in my baking stash, I put these together fairly quickly and easily!

I baked these for a much longer time, around 20 minutes in total at a lower temperature of 175 degrees and they turned out beautiful! Remember to toast the nuts first before you add them in too as it really brings out the nutty flavour. Taste-wise, these cookies are delish! Crunchy yet not too sweet, the perfect "healthy" afternoon snack. Well, to me, no cookies are healthy even though they may taste so...haha. But these cookies does contain less butter and sugar so they can pass off as "healthier choice" cookies!

The recipe can be found here. One more recipe for keeps in my cookie jar!


  1. Allie, everytime i see you cookies, they really make me drool.... and I know if I make them, my son will eat nonstop!!! haha...

  2. I've been wanting to bake this for the longest, longest time.. like at least 3 years!! hahahahah... i'm terrible!

    The word 'healthy' makes me wanna go bake now!

  3. Allie, no worries about how, what you write; what, how long your posts are gonna be! It's your blog! It's nice to retrospect the things around you and to do some self-reflection. I do that a lot, including philosophizing. it's made me realize so many things that I probably wouldn't be able to attain should I lead life blindly. Good that you cherish your motherland. As your neighbor, I've gotta pay some respect too. =)

    I'm an oatmeal person, too! It's always good to make our bakes "fibrous" by adding in oatmeal! Plus, you just pulled out whatever that are already within your reach without having to go out to hunt for stuff just to make yummy and healthy cookies like these!

  4. I love eating cookies :), yours look very tempting!!

  5. Hi Allie, you have a very very pretty blog. :)

  6. Honey boy: Haha really? No wonder you make bread most of the time. I'm inspired by your breads! And hope to make them myself too :)

    Cherie: Wow...3 years?!! It took me a year to get down to making these. These are really good though! :)

    Pei Lin: Thanks dear, you're so sweet. I agree with you...and it's nice to read about the person behind the blog too...makes it more personal :). Glad to know you like oatmeal too! I think I need to learn how to make use of my half-used ingredients to reduce wastage and cost...haha >.<.

    Cooking Gallery: Thanks!

    Ju: Thank you :). I really love your blog!



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