Monday, January 23, 2012

A Charming Blackforest Cake

It was a case of right time, right place. I was at I12 Katong's supermarket when I spotted the jar of preserved morello cherries. Been wanting to make Hidemi Sugino's rendition of the blackforest cake, hence I grabbed a jar and made these :). It was for a good reason, my darling Darren's birthday! Haven't made an entremet in months...I hope the taste will turn out fine...haha.

I first spotted the recipe on Evan's blog. Her version of Charmed (Sugino's name for this cake) is absolutely lovely. I had some problems with the dark chocolate chantilly but eventually it turned out alright. The steps were really easy to follow, one of the easiest entremets to make, but not the easiest to get it perfect.

I loved the taste of preserved morello cherries, had it with my pint of Awesomely Chocolate ice cream from Udders, which was very yummy! This particular brand had it lightly sweetened...I would have preferred it more tart though :).

Unfortunately, I gotta wait for my darling to be back in Singapore before I can present this to him and celebrate his birthday. Well, at least I had a liiiitle bit of time to make a cake for him this time round!

By the way, anyone has experienced issues with the whipped cream hardening after folding in the melted chocolate? I wonder what went wrong with mine, as mine kinda "seized" when I folded in the chocolate, even after I cooled it. I wish the texture of my chantilly could be softer and smoother though...any suggestions?


  1. It could be the chocolate that you used. Perhaps it wasn't a good melting chocolate. There was one time I used a Cadbury bar to make ganache and it started to seize and separate after stirring.

  2. In fact, it is most likely this happened because you whipped the cream to the Chantilly point, while for these mousses and creams, cream has to be whipped to the 3/4 point, ie. not so firm as Chantilly, because if you do this, cream does not incorporate ..Anyway, great mini-cake!
    Thanks for having me in your blogroll!

  3. @Amanda: Ooh I see, perhaps I can try another type of chocolate next time? Hopefully that'll work!

    @Cristina: Oh right, that could be the case too. I whipped it to soft peak, will try to gauge 3/4 point next time. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Hi Allie, I would like share an awrd with you. Please drp by my blog to for the award, Thanks. cheers!

  5. looks nice! i havnt made an entremet in ages...

  6. Have you tried to make the ganache first before adding to the whipped cream? Nice blog by the way :D

  7. I bought a bottle of griotte cherries the other day too, so expensive =___= Am going to make it, hopefully, soon enough!

  8. @Lam: Not really, I should try!

    @Swee San: Ya they are expensive aren't they? I'm sure yours will turn out great!



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