Sunday, November 22, 2009

Matcha Chiffon Cakes - The Love for Chiffons

Chiffon, yet again, yes! I know this ain't the most appetising looking cake around, even my mum commented on its lack of attractiveness. But trust me, matcha is great for chiffons. After getting the hang of making my favourite everyday cake, it's only natural that I experiment with a couple more flavours right? So many flavours to try, leaving me spoilt for choice. My recent trip to the bookstore yielded me yet another book - Okashi by Keiko Ishida. I've had my eye on this ever since I saw it at Shermay's Cooking School. I have not attended her classes before but this caught my attention as i've been looking for a book on japanese-french pastries that's written in English and this fits the bill perfectly!

I love this book - love the clean look and layout, the simple yet elegant recipes and the useful tips that provides little snippets of baking advice. It's a no-fuss, straightforward book with a unique, quiet charm really. I couldn't wait to try out the recipes and hence chose to start with one of the chiffon cake recipes - Matcha Chiffon Cake. I love matcha on its own, love its sweet fragrance and how it complements simple Japanese food with an understated elegance. This is my first time using matcha in my bakes and the results did not disappoint. 
I was a little worried about overbeaten egg whites as it ended up as medium peaks rather than stiff peaks, but the cake turned out beautifully well - soft, fluffy and moist. The rich matcha flavour was pleasant, complemented by just the right level of sweetness. I do wish the colour was a little darker like Keiko's cake in the book though. Oh well, until I find a darker-coloured green tea powder!

Reading through the rest of the book now...can't wait to try the rest of the recipes!


  1. Forgot to tell you when I saw you today...

    This was heavenly!!! It was everything you mentioned. Soft, moist and fluffy!!! I loooooooove the matcha taste... Almost wished I had more than 3 slices... Lol... As usual, my family had complains... -.-" As for the boyfriend, I asked him if it was better than any of the cookies / cakes I've baked (which it obviously, he said ya, waaaaaayyyyy better... >.<

  2. Looks yummr...I've never made chiffon cake. I do have maybe we'll be trying this soon.

  3. Babe,
    Glad you liked it :) You'll be fine la...just sort out the conversion issues and you'll do great! I'll be happy to test out your creations!

    Thank you! You have a very beautiful blog...shall add it to my favourite bookmarks. Give it a try with your favourite's hard not to like this cake :)

  4. Wowow your chiffon cake sounds delicious! I should definitively start to bake with matcha :)

  5. oh chiffons are so tricky! to get tht airiness. yours is beautiful and in my fav flavour - matcha. u tempt me! :D thanks for your comment. it was very sweet of you. i love how foodies can connect so easily, not just over food xx

  6. Hi Allie,

    I am a new blogger. Juwst started my food blog a month ago... been visiting many of our local blogs, it's been most inspiring , therefor I went ahead! I always make Matcha flavor cakes, but somehow the color turned out to be rather yucky! that yellowish (cause by the egg yokes) green which can be pretty turn off! I've tried 2 different types of Matcha powder, some how stil'can't change a bit of that auwfull green...I made the green tea castella sponge, couple of days ago, but I dare not blog it.... any tips for that?
    If you have time I'd like to invite you to my blog. :)

    Honey boy

  7. May I add you to my blog as my frequent visit link?

    Honey boy.

  8. Honey boy,

    Welcome to the blogging family! You have a nice blog there :). And sure, please go ahead and add me.

    I have a problem with Matcha flavoured desserts too, as the colour doesn't turn out nice. Perhaps you can frost your cake or use a darker-coloured matcha powder?

  9. Allie,
    ya, I shall try looking for a darker matcha powder. HOpe can get one that gives good color...

    HOney boy

  10. Dear Allie,
    I found a good green matcha! I am baking a matcha chiffon now. the green looks very promising. Got it from the baking shop at Seah Street. BUt I made a disastrous mistake! I forgot the oil... now stil in the oven, shall see how a chiffon cake looks like without adding oil. Sigh...!!

  11. Honey Boy,

    That's great! I've yet to try the matcha powder from the Seah Street shop. I love that shop though, they do have good supplies!

    Saw the cake on your blog and it looks nice even without the oil! How did it taste?

  12. Hi Allie,

    The 'oilless' matcha chiffon taste nice. I must say it's a little dry though the texture is still pretty spongy. The matcha taste is great! If you happen to go to the Seah street shop, you should get a packet and try.

    I have just baked a Pandan chiffon without baking powder. I used pure pandan juice, and pure coconut milk. The color may not be as green as using pandan paste. But I think the taste is better with the REAL pandan juice. Cause I am pretty sensitive with artificial taste. I never like using those. Shall post the pandan chiffon tomorrow! In fact this pandan chiffon recipe I 'Fix' it myself. HOpe it'll taste good thoug.

    Wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  13. Allie,
    I have just made a Matcha Azuki Roll cake. I'm sure you will like it! Cheers!!

    Honey Boy.

  14. I love all your cakes posting! lovely lovely
    Can this recipe pls?

  15. Hi,

    I would really love to make this for my mom. But where is the recipe?



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